Sail Catamaran

On board the 'Faltazi' an 8.50m long catamaran, Erwan Rognant will help you discover the charms of the Crozon peninsula and Douarnenez Bay thanks to a wide choice of trips open to all (18 months and up).From April to October at the port of Crozon-Morgat, set sail on a catamaran that is both quick and easy to navigate, and discover scenery that will take your breath away! Discovery tours, half-days, trips around the peninsula, daytime, sunset, the choice is vast. Also worth noting, two day trips (or longer) to Molène Island and Sein Island. Each of the excursions are open to all age groups (18 months and over) and are free for under fives. Children under 14 also benefit from reduced rates. Whatever your age or your level, you can take a hand in running the boat. "No previous training is needed and everyone can take the helm and participate in manoeuvres, kids included" assures Erwan. With a maximum of six people at a time, the welcome is friendly and the atmosphere relaxed. All the necessary equipment - waterproofs, life-jacket - is provided by the school.